Learning More Than Just German

A2.1 course is now in the books (an English expression for it being over…) and now it is time to begin the A2.2 course. After only 3 weeks of the course, I have already noticed an improvement in my German. My understanding has improved but more importantly, I feel a bit more comfortable speaking. Now, it is still not a comfortable thing for me to do but at least I don’t break out sweating every time someone asks me a question in German! So hey, improvement.

I think being exposed to the language for 16 hours a week has obviously helped but having a great teacher has aided my development as well. I think she does a great job of challenging different students at their own level. During a three-week course, obviously students will progress at different speeds, so it was nice that our teacher would push students at an appropriate level so no one was too overwhelmed or just bored.

What was so interesting about this course was how Multicultural it was. I am learning so much more than the German language. We have students from all over the world so discussing cultural differences in class is very educational. For example, in one of our lessons, we were discussing weddings. So, the teacher asked around the room of what a normal wedding is like from each student’s culture. Can you believe one of my colleges had a wedding with 1000 people there, which apparently in normal in her home region in India. There were also similar experiences when we were discussing holidays from the different cultures of the students in the class. Not a single tradition was stranger than the Krampus tradition in Tirol though!