What's Next? - The Future of the Academy

February 11th, 2017. That was the date we hosted the first Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy Camp. I remember being extremely nervous for the camp for several reasons. First, the camp was an idea I had for a long time and something that I wanted to do ever since becoming an import in Europe. Second, I was hoping the way I was going to teach proper mechanics was going to be easy to understand and productive. And lastly, it ended up being a much bigger camp than originally expected. I was not expecting 10 people to pay money to hear me talk about playing QB, and I definitely wasn’t expecting 30! And that was just at the first camp, we ended up selling out another one two weeks later. I just kept thinking to myself, “this better not suck” in the days leading up to the camp, as I was reviewing and re-reviewing the camp itinerary. Well, the camp didn’t suck and people really seemed to enjoy themselves and learn about my passion, the Quarterback position, which is all I could ever ask for.

Fast forward to today, The Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy has hosted 4 public camps and numerous private camps, all with very positive feedback, and yet I constantly find myself dissatisfied. Not dissatisfied with the work my team and I have done up until this point, but dissatisfied with where the academy currently stands. I think it is great that we have been able to work with so many QBs on the fundamentals of their craft but I constantly find myself thinking “What’s next?”

I never want our camps, or the academy in general, to be ever become stagnant or not growing. I want this academy to be as productive as humanly possible for the people who choose to attend by continuing to be a resource for QBs at every level of development while also helping QBs evolve their game within the academy. That is easier said than done. I think we are on the right path with building a foundation of fundamental camps but the key in the future, will be structuring camps to promote the continued growth of the attendees. We will accomplish this by progressively building on top of the foundation the previous camps has laid. I think introducing nutrition and proper lifting habits is a huge step in the right direction as well. Their is much more to being a great QB than the technique someone has on the field and our goal is to teach every skill a QB needs to have in order to succeed. That is why I am so excited about the Select Camp in Bolzano on February 17th and 18th because we are incorporating nutrition education and lifting education from a professional in each field.

I do not currently have all the answers or even an exact idea of what our QB Academy will look like in the years to come, but I do know the future is bright and I am very excited for what’s to come. For now, I will put all of my energy into the Stuttgart Camp on Feb 10th and 11th and then onto Bolzano the weekend after that. As for what is after that, we will just have to wait and see!