The Inception

It’s August of last year and my Dad and I are floating on a beautiful lake named Wörthersee near Klagenfurt, Austria, days after the Swarco Raiders repeat championship season. My Mom and girlfriend have already left us because apparently we had been floating out there for hours now. At this point, My Dad’s raft from the local bargain market had sprung a leak so his head and feet are the only body parts barely above the water. Neither one of us wanted to leave though. It was a perfect day outside and I do not think the water could of been a better temperature. It was perfect.

It was at this point when we started talking about starting the Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy. It was something that I had thought about doing since arriving in France in early 2014 and something we had talked about before, but never quite like this. There was a more serious tone in both of our voices and we were talking in much more detail than ever before. Maybe it was because I had just finished one of the best seasons of my career with a exclamation mark several nights before, or maybe it was because there was no more reason to wait. When we did finally leave that lake, we had a plan in place and it would be set in motion very soon. This was the moment I decided to start chasing one of my dreams.

One of my biggest worries about this idea was if there would be any interest in a Quarterback Academy in Europe. I thought most clubs just bring in an American QB, so why would someone invest in playing a position that they will probably be replaced in anyway. I remember having that same conversation with my friend Paul-Phillip Lasch when we first started planning the first camp together. We were both pretty uncertain what kind of reaction we would get from people he was going to reach out to about it. Well, I have learned a lot over the past three months after announcing the founding of the academy and the dates of the camps. For starters, there are so many more people playing American Football in the region of Switzerland, Austria and Germany than I ever expected. Secondly, what is truly amazing, is how many people are interested in the quarterback position and some that are actually extremely passionate about it. You can imagine Paul and I’s surprise when our first camp sold out within several days. So we planned an additional camp which also sold out within a week. In total, these camps will have reached over 60 players and coaches in two, two day camps.

As I am sitting here typing this blog, I have already completed one of the aforementioned camps along with several private camps and I have started to notice a pattern in most of the quarterbacks I have worked with. Now the QBs I have been working with have ranged from never playing the position before to experienced quarterbacks, but many have had similar mechanical problems. And in my next several blog posts I want to break down the mechanical problem areas by explaining why they might be putting QBs at a disadvantage, and give a tip or a drill on how to improve upon these mechanics.