I had been in France for a couple of months and had played in several games before my parents could make it out to watch me play. My Mom had visited Paris before but not my Dad so we also had a lot of sight-seeing to do (but to be honest, my Dad really just cared about the football, Paris was just a bonus). So during one of the free days I had, which I had several, we hit the town to be tourists and we would finish the day by eating in the Restaurant 58 within the Effiel Tower. The restaurant is named Resturant 58 because it is 58 meters above the streets of Paris, so you can imagine how beautiful the imagery was from a window table at dawn. During this dinner, somewhere between the onion soup, champagne and roasted duck entree, weight of what i was doing really hit, and i mean hard. It was actually a boarder line overwhelming feeling about how special what i was doing was, or ultimately, how special it could be. I vividly remember looking my parents in the eyes, tears welling up in mine, and just saying "holy crap." Except I didn't say crap, I used a much stronger word that I will try to avoid in this blog. I finally truly realized that I was playing football in France, traveling Europe with friends and family, eating dinner in the Eiffel Tower, and getting paid to do it. What an opportunity. From that moment and after that wonderful dinner with my parents, I promised myself I would try and make the most of this opportunity that had presented for me.

That was my "ah-ha" moment and I have talked to other imports have had similar experiences like mine. And these guys, like myself, are motivated to get the most out of the rest of their time playing this wonderful sport. So for me, I wanted to play for one of the best, and now I am doing that for the Swarco Raiders Tirol; but I also wanted to make an impact on the American Football community in Europe. I want to leave my mark on the sport so when I am done, it is better than when I started. The best way I now how to do that is to help develop the Quarterback position. That is one reason why I started the Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy. Not only do I think developing the QB position is vital to the growth of the sport, but it is also my way of giving back to the community that has greatly enriched my life.

I am going to continue trying to take advantage of every opportunity given to me in hopes that when it is all said and done, I can say I made the most of my career and more importantly, I made a difference.

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