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The Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy was founded in 2016 by Sean Shelton. Sean has played quarterback for 12 years in 4 different countries. Since he has arrived in Europe, Sean has been one of Europe’s most productive Quarterbacks, winning three Most Valuable Player Awards, three National Championships and one International Championship.


Sean has an immense passion for the sport of American Football, specifically the Quarterback position, and has a strong desire to facilitate the growth of American Football in Europe. His devotion to American Football was the catalyst to the creation of The Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy. The aim of the academy is to help grow the sport of American Football by developing the sport’s most important position, the Quarterback.

Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy Camps

Sean Shelton Quarterback Academy Camps are designed to build a foundation for continued growth at the quarterback position. The camp focuses on training well-rounded quarterbacks by teaching proper arm mechanics, footwork, mesh techniques, opinion skills, play-action ability, and an overall understanding of what it means to be a quarterback. 


Personal Training is the most effective form of education and development. One on one, or small group training, increases focus on a specific quarterback's needs. These needs would be met through individualized instruction and personalized drill work. 

Each quarterback's information would be recorded into a long-term development plan, that would be personally designed based on the strengths and weaknesses of each specific quarterback.


Private Training

Off-Season Development Plan

  • Build an Individualized 2 month technique development plan

    • Two practices a week

  • Plan includes a Pre-test, Mid-term test and  Post-test to track progression

    • First two month development plan would be based off Pre-test

    • Second two month developmental plan based off Mid-term test

  • Plan would be designed to progress weaknesses while maintaining strengths

  • All drills descriptions would be sent to the Quarterback via videos

—  Spencer Wood 

Offensive Coordinator, Munich Cowboys


“I came down to Tyrol to learn more about QB-specific training that I could take back to my team in Germany, primarily for our U19 and U15 QBs. I furiously scribbled notes and diagrams the whole time because Sean's drills were very applicable and vital for learning QB fundamentals. Sean is a natural people person, so his engagement with the players was natural and authentic. You can really see his passion for the betterment and development of the QB position in Europe. He is very open and honest, and is a terrific communicator. I will definitely be back again!”